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A wide range of training courses can be supplied covering: regulation; pricing; economics; cost & profit systems; Activity Based Costing; LRIC methods; disputes; accounts; asset valuation etc.  Please enquire with your specific requirements.  Some course examples and publications are listed in the document below.

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 R Steele biography

Telzed, CEO. December 2011 to date 
Work has included: expert witness in dispute on Access Deficit; expert report for lawyers on costing and pricing of sub-sea cables; comparison of bottom up costing methods - what is more appropriate depending on volume and time effects; 4 day workshop on costing; update of regulatory costing system for NGN/NGA; reference offers on interconnect, leased lines, duct access; review of updates to licensed business unit accounts; rely for an incumbent to the regulator's bottom up models of fixed and mobile; expert witness on mobile termination and evolution of the mobile industry; investigation of SMS spoofing; pure LRIC response; reviews of regulatory accounts; reviews of costing systems; replication/improvement of a fixed/mobile incumbent's costing system in MS Access; define retail price approval process and analysis of price-bundles; response to regulator on bottom up and top down models; dispute resolution workshop; broadband Next Generation Network strategies for developing countries; Regulatory Accounting Instructions definition and consultation, WACC consultation; wholesale pricing of number translation services (freephone etc); telco-vendor price dispute; interconnection link services - price advice and benchmarling.

Ovum:  Director March 2010 – December 2011 & Practice Leader Sept 2004 – April 2008 
Many jobs globally including: public hearings with regulator; creating regulatory submission; WACC consultation; regulatory accounts; creating cost models; definition of wholesale services; NGN economics and regulation workshops; arbitration cases; white paper on barriers to competition. Other jobs included: major assignment on price control and LRIC; MVNO strategy; due diligence; price squeeze; access cost analysis; pricing out-sourced network services; regulatory accounts, cost model reviews.

Deloitte:  Director of telecom economics team.  April 2008 – February 2010. 
Various jobs including: major SAS ABM project to deliver cost and profit analysis of the telecom operator’s fixed and mobile services; due diligence on a European telco; top down LRIC models of mobile and fixed networks; econometric comparison of MTR to costs.

PA Consulting Group, Principal Consultant.  Feb 98-Sept 2004
Led work on telecoms costing, service and customer profit analysis, pricing, interconnect and regulatory affairs. Many assignments including: major telecom procurements/outsourcing projects; due diligence; network audit; security review; mobile business modelling; license applications; regulatory submissions; call centre business modelling; network strategy; and development of tools to set retail and interconnection prices. 

Deloitte Consulting Group: Managing Consultant. April 94 - Feb 98
Work included: outsourcing clients’ services (several worth >£100M pa) including contract negotiations, RFP preparation, bid evaluation, tariff analysis, supplier cost modelling, service level agreement definitions and budget forecasts for the board. Developed a cost and profitability tool-set for telcos. Worked on one of the first European cost-based interconnection calculation projects. Other work included: due diligence; asset valuations; technology advice; privatisation and network audits.

BT Syncordia (later Concert): Equipment Engineering Manager. Oct 91- Apr 94

This was a both technical and a management role defining and testing new datacom solutions. 

BT Labs:  Executive Engineer and Senior Professional. Aug 85 - Oct 91

SDH systems evaluations.  Prior to that, Roger led in the research and development of optical fibre amplifiers and other key optical technologies that are used in today’s networks. 

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