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Pilbara Group ACE platform
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The ACE platform provides a powerful ABC tool for any business's cost and profit analysis.  It has a number of features that make it very useful for dealing with a telco's complexity.

Telzed has extensive experience in all types of telco cost and profit models: Discount Cash Flow business plans; bottom up LRIC, top down FAC and LRIC systems; regulatory cost accounting model etc.  These can be delivered using spreadsheets or databases such as MS Access (and combinations of each).  Large systems require a dedicated ABC IT platform, such as the ACE tool from Pilbara Group, although Telzed has experience of others and can work with any platform.

The two files below describe features of the ACE tool to meet the two main business drivers for telco product cost and profit analysis:

Regulatory needs.  Many incumbent operators with market dominance must produce formal accounts to satisfy the Regulator's demands.
Commercial needs.  Managers need to understand product performance and these views include retail costs and views of products that regulators are not often interested in.

Please download the file of most interest or link to the Pilbara Group web site.

Cick here for: Regulatory use of ABC (pdf file)

Click here for: Commercial use of ABC (pdf file)

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