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Telzed now offers a general purpose ("universal") 2/3/4/5G bottom up cost model. This is a fixed price service for: the model, extensive manual/instructions and support.  A user can change traffic, costs and design factors to match the local conditions, using the instructions provided.  Any GSM technology combination is possible and networks can be terminated (say 3G) or added (such as 5G). FWA can be modelled. The default model calibrates to real networks.  Telzed can agree to populating the model with the buyer's specified demand and technical parameters, to pre-calibrate the model's numbers to actual outcomes.  This is a comprehensive model for strategic, pricing, regulatory and investor assessments of costs.  A number of novel methods are used. Contact Roger Steele for details (contact details are below

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News updates (an introduction to Telzed is provided lower down)
A report on asset valuations has been added to the Discussion page.  This  is an introduction, but covers many issues that should be useful to those working on consulting and regulatory accounting projects.
A report on WACC related issues has been added to the Discussion page.  This is an unconventional discussion.
A new 2022 report has been added to the Discussion page.  This explains some broadband network modelling methods.  Three are compared and one is shown to be potentially significantly wrong.
A new report has been added on how infrastructure is becoming a major telco focus area.  FTTH and the lower layer costs to dig are radically altering investment and revenue plans.  See Discussion page.
A new report on Vodafone's operating data is on the Discussion page.  This analysis provides insights to markets, far beyond Vodafone.  Key facts are that growth in is fixed broadband; mobile has static or declining revenues; and 5G is not having a "transformational" impact. 
A report that verifies a Telzed network analysis formula, with published market data, has been added (February 2021).  This also discusses some "odd" claims made in the telecoms industry.  See discussion page.
A discussion of Fixed Wireless Access in rural areas has been added (December 2020).  This has a role but this is limited in countries with large monthly downloads.  The limits due to traffic, customer numbers/density and mast capacity are discussed with graphs to assist with strategic understanding.
A discussion of the traffic limits of satellites has been added in October 2020.  The potentials are huge but they cannot take major custom from developed-country fixed and mobile players.  This in line with Elon Musk, but some other recent claims do not fit with the traffic calculations.
A 2020 discussion of common telecoms claims and how they impact the actions of consultants and analysts, has been added to the Discussion page.  This has been supplemented (August) with an additional discussion on how firms now need to consider wider political and ethical issues.  Surely we need to say no, more often.  Contact R Steele to discuss this serious issue, if interested. 
A series of papers have been published to help understand broadband data and the cost drivers.   See the discussion-papers' page.  These show that speed is often not the major cost driver in mobiles - it is the traffic.   This is a seemingly obvious, but profound point.  Therefore many analyses that concentrate almost exclusively on speed, may therefore be deficient.  Gbit/s type speeds are relatively easily with 5G (or maybe 4G) so long as many users do not make large downloads form the same mast.   Fixed lines in contrast have low cost-sensitivity with traffic and speed is set by the technology selected.  Telzed can provide bespoke analysis, modelling and strategic advice.
Published Telzed papers include: one that looks at download volume and the effective busy hour traffic; another looks at the cell numbers needed depending on traffic (this aligns with some McKinsey work), and shows how hard it is for mobile to substitute for fixed when traffic volume is high; one paper summarises some key strategic options depending on the country type; and another paper looks at the much-debated subject of what speed is needed by customers.
2018 projects included: costing transmission and leased lines; review of large fixed and mobile LRIC models; consultation and definition of new regulatory accounts and reporting structures; review of operator's regulatory accounting methods; leased line price benchmarking; assistance with definition of the legal/functional separation of the telco business; options for dealing with copper write-downs; and expert witness on interconnect in legal hearings.
Other Telzed projects have included:
  • Reference interconnect offers, including wholesale duct access and define wholesale prices;
  • Submission to the 2015 Ofcom Digital Strategy Review;
  • Examine non-discrimination in a cost model and the price setting methods;
  • Review single year tilted annuity versus multi-year costing methods;
  • Review of the economics of broadband and analysis of the national strategy;
  • Examination of access deficit costs and recovery options, including universal service issues;
  • Review and approval of a regulatory accounting system's design/specification;
  • Review of accounting system's reports;
  • Reference offer definitions;
  • Expert witness in major legal arbitrations;
  • A very comprehensive report on regulatory accounting practices.

About Telzed

Telzed provides Consulting, Advisory and Interim Management Services. Led by Roger Steele it delivers a range of services to the international telecoms industry based on over 30 years of experience.

Roger has worked across the globe on: regulatory issues; regulatory accounts; competition economics; cost and profit models; interconnection and wholesale services; FAC and LRIC models; bottom up and top down costing systems; major ABC costing systems; pricing tools; retail price controls; commercial and regulatory price setting; investor due diligence; business advice and strategy; legal arbitration; WACC; public hearings; regulatory consultations and submissions.
Work has pioneered solutions to IP based service costing in NGN core and fibre access networks.

Clients have included operators (fixed and mobile), regulators, banks/private equity firms, and major end users of telco services.
See the Services page for more about the services offered,

Benefits of working with Telzed

Breadth of international experience.  Roger's past work has included projects based in: UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Palestine, Jordan, Oman, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Korea, Hong Kong, Greenland, Taiwan, Nigeria, Sudan and South Africa.  This enables a huge amount of knowledge and insights to be brought into any project.  This ensures that every solution is adjusted to the local needs: one solution can never fit every situation.

Project management and lead.  Roger has led many projects from small to >2Million$.  Joint teams of client and consulting staff with diverse skills, have been managed.  This ensures projects are delivered on plan and on budget and enables them to fit with your business needs.

Senior level reporting.  Many projects have reported to CFO/board level.  Presenting issues and solutions at all levels is vital in most projects.  Experience of public hearings and facing other parties in negotiations and disputes helps to ensure useful outcomes.  

Working for all sides.  By working for: fixed and mobile operators; incumbents and new entrants; regulators and major corporations procuring telecom services, it ensures a full picture of the issues and arguments as seen by other parties.  This is often the key to achieving the best outcome.

Mixture of skills.  Complex consulting projects require many specialisms.  Roger has extensive experience in accounting systems, regulation, economics, technology and the telecoms business in general.  He has a PhD, is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.  Many projects require combining legal, technical and financial staff and this is best managed by understanding the different team roles.

Analysis experience.  Many projects require complex numerical analysis and systems delivery.  Advanced Excel models can be delivered.  MS Access tools may be used for data analysis, large ABC type cost models, or CCA fixed asset registers and accounts processing.  Roger has also managed proprietary ABC IT system delivery.

Value for money. Partner/
Director level consulting experiences at day rates that are much lower than big firms’ prices 

Any size of project.
Links exist to other experienced individuals and consulting firms to deliver large projects.

Next steps

Please contact us for further information on how Telzed can assist.  Details of past work experiences and a biography can be provided.  A list of conference papers and workshops delivered is available.

Telzed can also work with other consulting businesses and specialists to provide larger teams when required.

Please feel free to start a discussion on any issues and questions that you have.  Alternatively please submit your RFP directly.


All correspondance to:
Lilac Cottage, Westerfield Road
Ipswich IP6 9AJ, UK

Registered Office:
The Old Bakery, Blackborough Road, Reigate, RH2 7BU, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 777 178 7607

Email Roger Steele

Telzed is a partner with Pilbara Group

Telzed can deliver a wide range of cost and profit analysis tools using spreadsheet and/or database solutions.  These are suitable for many situations.  For the largest systems, an ABC based IT platform is required. This can cope with large data sets and the more complex allocations and processing that are needed to provide sophisticated Reports and formal Accounts.  The Pilbara ACE platform provides a leading ABC based solution that has a number of features that make it very attractive for telco solutions.

Please contact us for details for how we can assist with any large ABC-based cost and profit system you might require.  Click on the link below to find out more about the Pilbara ACE solution.

User license for QPR Cost Perform

Telzed is licensed to use the QPR Cost Perform ABC costing tool, which is widely used for telecoms cost and profit systems, including regulatory accounts.  Telzed can help with costing systems design and implementations and can partner with other experts.

Telzed can assist with the implementation of a cost system using any IT platform.  Telzed also has its own solutions (see the Services page).



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